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Small Bra Size Measurement Chart
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strangerbox wrote in ibbc
Fact: bra shopping is not a good time. Even if you get a nice spacious dressing room with good lighting (I know these lovely dressing rooms must exist... but I've never seen one), the bras can bring you down. How many bras can one woman stand to put on, take off and toss aside when they don't fit? That's why I buy bras online.

Bra size calculators, charts and fitting guides can help you figure out what size bra you actually need -- but some of these bra fitting tools are just plain inaccurate, and others don't work for the smaller sizes. If you're smaller than a C cup, check out my guide to small bra sizes for directions on how to figure out your best fit. The chart I use is scaled down to include AA bra cups.


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